Hi, I'm Erin DiCarlo

Founder | President of Dovetail Companies

Certified Senior Advisor®, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Care Manager Certified, REALTOR® - The Dovetail Group at Compass,Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, Seller Representative Specialist

Office | (617) 227-1600, ext. 1
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"You wouldn’t consult a tax attorney for your estate planning needs, nor would you talk to your car insurance broker regarding the best life insurance policy options. So why would you work with a general practice real estate professional who services various clients and needs?
Older adults in transition have different needs than any other buyer or seller. They face very different challenges; emotional, logistical, financial, and physical. We give mature sellers the EXPERT advice and support they need and deserve. Moving from and selling your long-time home is the largest transition most adults will face, don’t trust just anyone to support you.
I created our proven “Move First, Sell Later” model after supporting thousands of clients through the years and seeing first-hand how overwhelming it can all be. Our manageable bite approach to each step allows our clients to focus on the emotional aspects of this process while we handle the logistics with ease!" -Erin 

About Erin

I’ve loved older adults since I was a child. I had always wanted to be a nurse and was a member of “Future Nurses of America” during high school. Little did I know then that my passion for working with older adults would lead me to create an entirely new way for mature sellers to sell with ease! I’ve never been the quiet type; I was given a strong voice and I LOVE to use it! Education and advocacy are my callings, and I am honored to support my clients with the various needs they experience during this chapter of their life.

A few things you might not know about me...

  • I have 4 young children, 3 girls, and a little boy. They are all high-energy and outspoken- I wonder who they get that from?
  • I LOVE animals. I grew up on a farm, but my husband only allows the dog, cat, and hermit crabs we currently own, or else I’d have a lot more!

  • I thoroughly enjoy cooking which is great because I have a family of 6 to feed.
  • My dear husband Tommy is a first-generation Italian. I LOVE to cook my mother-in-law’s recipes and we enjoy the cultural family traditions we share as a family.
  • I was featured on WCVB’s Chronicle only a few short months after I started Dovetail, it was a fun experience to be on TV!


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What people say about working with Erin


"Our family was fortunate to get paired with Dovetail and specifically, their Founder and President, Erin DiCarlo. Our elderly parents had reached a point where they were no longer able to effectively live in their home due to declining physical and mental abilities. All four children lived out of the area and while we had the best of intentions of ensuring the best quality of life for our parents, being remote made this particularly challenging. Having Dovetail involved in our parent's transition to assisted living and a much better quality of life was a godsend. Dovetail facilitated the move of my parents and their belongings to assisted living, coordinated the home repairs to prep my parent's home for sale, and ultimately oversaw the sale of the home as well. Throughout the entire process, in addition to all the actions being taken to facilitate the parent's transition to assisted living, Erin and her team answered a myriad of questions from all sides. Erin and her company were extremely easy to work with, displayed the utmost professionalism, and exhibited enormous empathy for my parents which provided the children greater peace of mind. Much gratitude. "


"By the time I called Erin and her team at the Dovetail Companies to assist me with moving my mother into Assisted Living I was feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. It was Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, and I was full of doubt because I felt that I had already worked extremely hard (I had), and could the Dovetail Companies really add anything? Was it worth it? The answer is yes and yes. I am so glad I called! Erin put together a team of people who worked with me to help me with everything from what to take (downsizing a house is no small matter) and the organizing, packing, and unpacking all in a matter of days. When it was all done, it meant that my mom was able to walk into a place that truly felt like home to her.  There was no chaos, no partially unpacked boxes, no trash, and no visible signs of the hard work that preceded that moment. I felt supported in ways I didn't even know I needed. It was so worth it. The team was warm, calm, respectful, and professional. I can't recommend them highly enough."


"I would highly recommend working with Erin DiCarlo if you need to sell your home and move. She is reliable, resourceful, and most of all compassionate. Selling your home and moving can be overwhelming, and Erin is with you every step of the way!"


"Erin, Natalie, and the rest of the team went above and beyond regarding everything they provided for my family over the past couple of weeks. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did for our family. It was a very stressful and chaotic time, but we made it through because of their help. You provide a special service that is so worth it and desperately needed. Thank you again!"

Peggy & Karen

"Erin, we wanted to send a note to say how grateful and thankful we are for the incredible support you have given to us through our transition. From our first discussion over a year ago and through every phase to the final move, you have been yourself, and offered us immense support and an entire network! Your knowledge, expertise, and incredible guidance have allowed us to feel completely confident we have chosen the right path for mom’s next chapter. You have been so compassionate, patient, and kind. Your confidence in giving us advice was very comforting throughout this process. What a gift you are to all your clients! Grateful beyond words."

Aaron K.

“Erin and her team are true professionals.  Not only are they a pleasure to do business with, but they have also become experts in their field.  They are the “go-to” group when it comes to a true, “one-stop-shop” for someone looking to sell their home but needs much more than a typical real estate agent can provide.

  In addition to being an excellent real estate broker, Erin and her team do an outstanding job handling so much more than that.  It’s perfect for those folks who may be looking to get into that next step of life with assisted living or a nursing home. Maybe they are looking for one company that can handle that entire process (not just the sale of the home). Their team values key relationships that allow them to take better care of their customers.”