Our Story

"Our mission is to help older adults thrive in the next chapter of their lives by providing expert guidance and one compassionate point of contact."

Erin DiCarlo, Founder & President of Dovetail Companies


According to the biblical story (Genesis 8:11), a dove was released by Noah after the flood in order to find land; it came back carrying a freshly plucked olive leaf, a sign that it was safe for Noah to move forward to the land ahead.

Many of our clients are unsure of what the future may hold. Oftentimes this may be the first move they've experienced in many years. We have supported thousands of older adults with their senior living transition. We are here to say there is not only “safe” ground ahead, but also a life full of excitement, reinvention, new friendships, and joy to experience.
Our goal is to help our clients move with ease, to begin living the lifestyle they envision. Our unique and individually tailored services allow you to take this monumental task in stride as we tackle each component in manageable bites.
A timeline for your future move is crafted by our expert move management team with milestones reached each month. We offer as much or as little support as you request. There is no need to manage this overwhelming process alone, allow the Dovetail Team to seamlessly execute your transition plan alongside you. Your complimentary consultation awaits!

Where It All Began...


Erin DiCarlo founded Dovetail Companies in 2017 with a mission to help older adults make an overwhelming process, a more seamless one. Some of her fondest childhood memories revolve around spending time with her grandparents, Nanny, and Da. It’s not that they were your stereotypical Hallmark grandparents, to the contrary. Da was a WWII veteran and he carried the scars physically and emotionally of veterans of that era. Nanny was kind, compassionate, and a dutiful wife and mother. What they did have and lived was a solid sense of family and the priority it takes over all else. Together, they brought solace and peace. They helped to anchor and guide Erin, which would unwittingly launch her into her career.


In the early 2000’s Da was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Nanny’s physical health began to deteriorate. They and those that loved them were left to figure out life solutions to address their current and complicated situations. Da was moved out of their home for safety and care needs. Nanny was in and out of the hospital with family attempting to fill in with care and support for her stints at home. It was a difficult period to navigate their behalves, seeking the best in care and solutions to complicated life circumstances. In 2003 they passed, within twelve weeks of each other.

It was the immense love and stability that Nanny and Da showered Erin with during their difficult last few years of life that guided her towards a career of working with and advocating for older adults as a care counselor, supporting the Alzheimer’s community, a member of the National Association of Certified Dementia Practitioners and the Society of Certified Senior Advisors®. As Erin's career progressed, she focused on understanding the intricacies of dementia and other health-related issues that older adults experience.

As a Certified Senior Living Advisor®, it was Erin's job to present options to her clients and help them navigate the overwhelming landscape of senior living, which oftentimes included handing off the logistics of the move to the older adult and/or their family member, but Erin could sense their stress and desire to ignore the inevitable, which lead to the birth of Dovetail Companies. Erin's goal was to simply remove the stress and emotion allowing her clients to experience the emotional space, needed. By removing the overwhelming process of vetting, hiring, and paying an average of 9-10 different professionals to manage the process, Erin created an all-encompassing service that allowed an older-adult and their families to deal with one point of contact throughout the entire process. Through real-life experiences, the need for a streamlined approach has been repeatedly demonstrated.




  Introducing "The Senior Soul Sisters" 


Just shy of two years into introducing Dovetail Companies to the senior space, Erin welcomed Lauren Watts as Co-Owner and Vice President. Erin and Lauren had the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with former clients as they were looking for their new "home" within a senior living community. Their long-standing ethics, morals, and mission to help older adults were perfectly aligned to help elevate the organization to what it is today.
Erin and Lauren often refer to themselves as "The Senior Soul Sisters" because they share the same vision, which is to help our aging community thrive in the next chapter of their lives by providing guidance and advocacy. If Erin and Lauren had the pleasure of meeting you, you likely witnessed that they truly lead with their hearts and expertise in every situation.  Together, they are building a family of experts who will meet an older adult where they are (physically, emotionally, and medically), understand their unique set of needs, support their families and/or care providers, and try to relieve stress during one of the biggest transitions of their lifetime. They are supported every step of the way by their Dovetail family which continues to grow as a direct result of their client's needs and expectations.


Erin and Lauren are Certified Senior Advisors®, Certified Dementia Practitioners, Care Manager-Certified®, Senior and Specialty Move Manager-Certified, REALTOR®, Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, and Seller Representative Specialist
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